Brewing Log

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Motivated by a desire to delight in the flavours produced by an emerging array of craft brewers without incurring the cost of relying solely on the purchase of their products, I recently ventured into the world of home brewing.  Drawing from the wealth of information available on-line along with suggestions from the Brewer’s Pantry, my local supplier, a fascinating and rewarding hobby has captured my interest.

A good hobby should challenge the perfection of new skills and the acquisition of specialized knowledge. The home brewer will quickly learn that with simple equipment, minimal knowledge, extract malt and a recipe, it is possible to produce good beer. Very likely, as in my case, the desire to explore new techniques will take hold. Tweaking recipes, working with all grain, keeping notes reflecting measures and observations offer new explorations, often with very rewarding results.

This website offers a repository to comment on my home brewing experience and to link helpful sites. Additionally, as techniques gain sophistication, an assortment of utensils and equipment are abandoned and new ones sought. In this regard, I hope to create a forum that will assist home brewers not only to exchange their ideas and wisdom, but as well their tools.